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Angela Corona Torres

Hackers, Keep Out!

Hackers are getting more sophisticated each day.  It is our job to try and stay a step ahead of them.  There is always someone on the outside trying to get in.  It is imperative to keep your data secure within your business network.  It is just as important to keep your personal data at home secure as well.  Imagine you... More +

Tyler Atkinson

California Residential Leases: Ten Things to Know (Part 2)

Renting a house or apartment in California presents many potential legal pitfalls for tenants and landlords alike.  This article is Part 2 of a two-part series listing ten important rights and responsibilities every residential landlord and renter should know.  Part 1 is available online.6. Rent cannot be increased before the lease... More +

Tyler Atkinson

California Residential Leases: Ten Things to Know (Part 1)

Renting a house or apartment in California presents many potential legal pitfalls for tenants and landlords alike.  This article is Part 1 of a two-part series listing ten important rights and responsibilities every residential landlord and renter should know.  Part 2 will be published next week.1. Disputes may arise even before a lease... More +

Matthew Schechter

Wage and Hour Compliance: The World of Wage Orders

Wage orders are an oft forgotten feature of the employment law landscape, but one which may trip up employers.  Employers should take steps to understand what wage order applies to their business, and make sure they are in compliance with the requirements of the applicable order.California’s wage orders are rules created by the... More +

Matthew Schechter

Wage and Hour Compliance: Off-the-Clock Work

Thanks to the wonders of technology, it has become increasingly easier for non-exempt employees to engage in small work-related acts, or to be “on call” for their employer, after they have “clocked out” at the end of a shift.  This becomes a problem, however, when such acts or waiting time are deemed to be off-the-clock... More +

James Giacchetti

Tactics For Managing Marital Finances

During a dissolution of marriage, financial management is essential to avoiding court imposed sanctions. Parties to a dissolution are required to preserve assets until the court has determined respective interests. At times however, some expenses cannot be postponed until after distribution of the marital assets. There are nevertheless methods that... More +

Emily Fitzgerald

Choreography for the Courtroom - Part Two: The Performance

The rehearsals are over and the morning of the big performance has arrived.  Emotions are high and the anxiety in the air is thick.  It is time to execute what you have been practicing and hope you receive a standing ovation from the crowd, or in this case a judgment in your favor from the judge or jury.  Here are a few tips to keep... More +

Emily Fitzgerald

Choreography for the Courtroom - Part One: The Rehearsals

As an actress and dancer, I know how important it is to ensure that the members of your cast know their lines, the choreography and are ready to stay on their toes to compensate for any mistakes that are made during a live performance.  These same principles hold true when it comes to presenting a case at trial.  The attorney and... More +

Hilary Weddell

New Year, New Laws: What California Employers Need to Know for 2017

Once again California will ring in the New Year with a number of new laws affecting employers and employees in the Golden State.  Much of this new legislation clarifies existing laws to provide guidance to employers or grant additional protections to employees.  Below are some of the most notable employment laws that go into effect when... More +

Neda Shakoori

Trick Or Treat: Cookies And Consumer Privacy In Online Advertising

The proliferation of online goods and services means consumer data is available to those with a need or interest in possessing it.  One method providers and third party partners employ to collect online consumer data is the use of cookies.  There are many types of cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter , but all serve the same overall... More +

Cindy McClelen

How My Cousin Vinny Would Object to Discovery

Remember laughing at the antics of Vinny Gambini – a loud inexperienced personal injury lawyer?  It is hard not to remember some of Vinny’s inaccurate legal arguments and outrageous remarks to the judge.  However, at one point in the movie, cousin Vinny actually demonstrates competent knowledge of the law, only to be shut down... More +

Amanda Peth

3 Quick Tips to Help You Maintain Your Firm’s Social Media Presence

Law firms and social media?  Historically these two probably did not come to mind as an obvious duo.  However, now, if you do not have a consistent social media presence, your firm/company is missing out on connecting and building your brand with potential clients, industry leaders and community members in a new and different way.... More +

Vanessa Hill

Still At The Starting Line With Your Social Media Efforts?

Can you imagine your firm without a website?  What if your bio were not listed on the internet? Well, there was a time when law firms questioned whether they needed a website.  And a marketing team was not even part of the conversation.  Now in 2016, consider how often your firm’s website is viewed and how many times you... More +

Hilary Weddell

California Can No Longer Ignore Federal Classification Rules

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced its highly anticipated federal overtime rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act .  The new rule updates the minimum salary requirement for employees to be considered exempt from FLSA’s overtime provisions.Until recently, the federal rule governing classification of employees as exempt... More +

Marwa Elzankaly

Reboot and Rediscover Your Passion for the Law

After thirteen memorable years as a trial lawyer at McManis Faulkner, I decided to take some time off and do other things in life.  I left my practice in the midst of an all time high in my career – a unanimous verdict in the internationally publicized Mark Oliver Gebel trial, two successful Ninth Circuit appeals in the first government... More +

Violence In The Workplace: Is Your Business At Risk?

A large portion of my practice is concentrated in the area of workplace violence prevention.  When I mention this at bar events and cocktail parties, it must conjure up images of mass shootings and SWAT teams.  However, workplace threats are defined by the Workplace Violence Research Institute as any act against an employee that creates a... More +

Amanda Peth

Get Connected: 4 Ways to Find the Perfect Organization

Are you looking for a great way to give back to the community?  With busy careers and personal lives, it may be overwhelming to think about adding one more item to your to-do list, but getting involved can benefit you in many ways.  Not only does it allow you to support a good cause, but it can help expand your networks, knowledge, and... More +